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Human Resources: Five Critical Career Insights I'm Glad I Found as an HR Professional. Ep. 69. https://youtu.be/a09uoJFUFWw

I played a trick on some folks once in a leadership training class. I wanted to teach them how people feel when they bring you an idea and they are blown off. A lesson in Learned Hopelessness.https://youtu.be/46XidGHJxJ4

Human Resources: Much of What You Try to Control is Not Controllable. Fine Tune Your Focus. #hr #hrlife https://youtu.be/qTtEfAg3AJg

Human Resources: Please Don’t Work to Death. Transitioning Out When You Need To. Ep. 66.

You are a blank slate- And Your Career is fluid. https://youtu.be/3bmyeN_bB-A

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