Beat the Wage Gap: Strategies for Women at Work to Earn More:

Understand the wage gap and take specific steps to close it through awareness and negotiating skills for women.

It has been illegal in the United States to pay men and women different wages for substantially similar work since 1963 and yet the wage gap still exists.  The current wage gap research shows us that women make about .80 cents on the dollar compared to men in the workforce.  Although some of this can be explained by the career fields and other choices men and women make, some of the gap can also be explained by a different set of behavior in the workplace, behavior you can do something about.

I’m Katy Caselli, an experienced Human Resources professional, Organizational Psychologist and author of the book Building Giants.  Let this course serves as your wake up call.  If you are a female in the workplace you may exit this short course a bit angry, possibly with yourself, or with your organization.  What I hope is, that you will walk away with actionable steps to take to negotiate more effectively, to show your value to your organization and to earn what is yours.

This course should take you no more than an hour to complete, but it could make a substantial impact in your earnings over your career. Plan to take make lots of notes and jot down inspiration as we go through positive strategies for change.

Please note, we briefly go over employment laws that apply to the United States.  You can still benefit from this course, but you will need to look up the laws in your specific country if you are joining us from another part of the world.  Thank you!

Who will benefit from this course?

Women in the workplace at any point in their career.  In addition, Human Resources professionals who want to better understand the wage gap.

This will benefit any woman in the workplace, but be aware, we discuss briefly United States Laws.  If you are joining from another company, check out employment law that applies to gender in your country.

What will students learn in your course?

Students will understand the causes of the wage gap and specific steps they can take to impact their earning power.

Students will learn several United States Laws that are intended to prevent the wage gap.

Students will practice negotiations and prepare their plan for future negotiations in the workplace.